Industries We Focus

IT / Banking & Financial Services :
All our manpower staffing consultants have the previous years of experience in world's leading corporations and human resource consulting firms provide the the best staffing solutions.

Our range of recruitment and placement services includes executive search and selection, advertised selection and vendor management services. We have knowledge about all the business requirements of a particular industry and provide services on the same.
Pharma & HealthCare :
Indian pharmaceutical industry is a very dynamic industry, and is known for its quality research. We hire the right talent who possess the technical skills necessary to thrive in this fast-paced environment. Ray process verifies whether the particular candidate is knowledgeable and hardworking which is very much required in this industry.
Telecom :
The invention of mobile phones has brought a boom in this industry . Many candidates want to be associated with this industry as new business are open both on small as well as large scale. The advancement in the field of technology has brought the high speed broadband facilities with its usage which has increased the revenue of the country.
We have professionals who are trained to serve clients on the following core market sectors:
  • Service Providers
  • Infrastructure Providers
  • Network & IT Vendors
  • Telecommunication equipments manufacturers
  • Retail & Distribution
AutoMobile :
The automobile business is growing fast by serving to a large number of customers who all have different requirements.. With many new vehicles coming into the market this industry is showcasing a tremendous growth.

The growth of middle class population has also pumped up this industry. The industry requires highly skilled professionals who can help them in their growth story.We are here to help the clients in hiring the right candidate.
Manufacturing :
This industry is known as wealth producing industry as it specializes in the manufacturing of tools and technology, vehicles, machines and appliances. The industry faces lots of constraints as everyday new products are launched.

Manufacturing a globally accepted product is a very highly competitive job. Along with the technical knowledge, one needs to be also creative. If you are in the manufacturing industry, and wish to seek the services of a reliable and result oriented recruitment agency then you should contact Ray Process.
E- Commerce :
Today’s consumers are making specific decisions at the comfort of their home by scanning specification of products and then getting it delivered at their doorstep. E-Commerce companies are providing heavy discounts to the consumers by adapting innovative application.This has completely changed the way India the consumers and shops doing their buying and business respectively, thus impacting multiple industries and business models.

Consumers have evolved over the years and rapid intrusion of digital technologies has changed economic and commerce industry. The conventional approach is being shunned to give rise to the E-commerce industry. We as a recruitment agency understands this scenario and provide the right skillset people for this industry.
Engineering :
This industry demands the white collar workers with sound technical knowledge and logical brain to arrive at effective solutions. Along with the knowledge and qualifications, one should learn constantly to adapt themselves to the changes.

We provide candidates who can immediately find the problem, work in highly demanding physical environment, the ability to work independently and also part of a team to fit into any organization. The candidates are provided for various job description such as process planner, product designer,solid modelers,CNC programmer,heavy equipment operators amongst others.
Real Estates :
The real estate industry is one of the important industry for a developing country like India.This industry requires highly energetic professionals as it demands long working hours on and off the field. There are many stakeholders whose best interests is only served by ensuring that all agreements are kept. We help the companies get the talent which they are looking for, which are marketing and sales professionals, experienced engineers who are skilled and dedicated to put long hours on the field. Architects and other skilled professionals are some of them who are in great demand.